Monday, January 24, 2005

Not in my state

Man, this guy is lucky he doesn’t live in Utah.


  1. When I read that article yesterday I thought, "Boy, good thing for Utah that he doesn't live there."

    Note that the world "polygamy" doesn't occur in the article. I have thought for a long time that it is odd how society views men who have multiple informal partners versus how it views those who declare themselves to be polygamists.

    Finally, note that while he wants a reduction in child support payments, at least this guy if paying for is own kids. This in contrast to polygamist that abuse the welfare system, hypocritcally claiming to no be married. 

    Posted by a random John

  2. It is socially and legally acceptaple to father lots of children with different women as long as you do not enter into any form of legal-social contract with them (i.e. marriage).

    It all makes perfect sense if you just stand on your head and look at everything upside down! lol 

    Posted by Brian Johnston