Friday, August 06, 2004


The Mormon grapevine is alive and well. I have heard a rumor that a new BYU campus is being started in Keokuk, Iowa, not far from Nauvoo. BYU has a Semester at Nauvoo program at the Joseph Smith Academy, but my rumor source says that construction has already started on a very large campus -- large enough for a full-size university.

Take it for what it's worth, as it is just a rumor. But if it turns out to be true, remember you saw it here first.


  1. "We shall continue to support BYU and its Hawaii campus. We shall continue to support Ricks College. We are not likely to build other university campuses. We wish that we might build enough to accommodate all who desire to attend. But this is out of the question. They are so terribly expensive. But we shall keep these as flagships testifying to the great and earnest commitment of this Church to education, both ecclesiastical and secular, and while doing so prove to the world that excellent secular learning can be gained in an environment of religious faith." --Pres. Hinckley's October 1999 Priesthood session talk.

    Between that quote and the fact that the Church just acquired a new building in Nauvoo for the BYU students makes it seem unlikelyto me that the Church would be doing any further significant expansion there yet. But I've been wrong before...

  2. I remember hearing something about that at my last Youth Conference in Nauvoo back in 2000. We stayed in the dorms at the academy, and during one of the classes, they had mentioned the Summer at Nauvoo program, and I think I remember hearing something about a BYU-Nauvoo. Then again, my memory's not that great, so I could be mixing a few things up, and I think that's the case. Oh well.

  3. Not quite the same thing, but does anyone know how many non-campus based programs (not online or correspondence) the church runs? I know of a summer program run here in the Puget Sound area by BYU-Idaho, although I'm not sure which classes are available.