Monday, August 30, 2004

Sick, sick, sick

I'm finally on the mend after two weeks of the worst sinus infection I've ever had. Not only did it wipe me out physically, but made it difficult to think very clearly, too. The physical and the mental are closely tied. With my improving health, I'll be back to regular blogging soon.


  1. Good luck. When I was young (i.e. before I moved from wet Nova Scotia to dry Utah) I used to get sinus infections twice a year.

    I've found a great prevention though, as my body has acclimated here and I get allergies to maple and pine pollen in the spring and sage pollen in the fall. Get a small sprayer for your nose. (An old allergy spray will work) Fill it with salt water and then a bit of peppermint oil. Works wonders and keeps your sinuses moist enough so that you don't get an infection. The salt is a natural anti-biotic as well.

    When you are getting better it also really helps as well. It clears out the nasal passages without going overboard and doing a full salt water wash.

  2. Yeah, when I get allergies it is hard to be able to think straight. Although I'm lucky now since Claritin is available over the counter. Unfortunately when I was a kid there weren't many allergy drugs. Somehow sinus infections and allergies always struck right around exam time as well. Ugh. Bad times.

  3. OK, Grasshopper. I take back all the disdainful thoughts I had about you being a blogging slacker.

    (And now I'm wondering if I ever ran into the Semiotician while I was growing up on PEI.)

  4. If you're not familiar with Operation Ivy, your post and greenfrog's comment brought their song "Healthy Body" to my mind, particularly the chorus:

    Healthy body sick mind
    It's just a matter of time
    Sick body sick mind.

  5. We were a "prominent" family in Halifax. Of course back then in my teenage years I was more than a little bit of a geek and rather shy. I came out of my shell after living here for a while. I left Nova Scotia in '87 so I don't know if you would have known me or not.

  6. Well, I left PEI in '87 (at age sixteen), so we may well have bumped into each other at one of those multi-stake Youth Conferences that they used to hold at the Agricultural College.

    I better leave this line of inquiry, though, 'cuz it might turn out that we hated each other...

  7. I loved those Youth Conferences. OK - truth be told I was the geek with the laser at one of them. (This was before lasers were ubiquitous and cheap) I'd snagged it from the Dalhousie physics department and hid it in my suitcase. Then we were shooting people with it from the apartment. Because back in the mid eighties no one had really seen lasers it freaked a lot of people out. Then the chaperones went around looking for it and I was helping them go through dorms. I thought, at the time, it was pretty funny. Of course looking back now it was amazingly geeky. Should have been out chasing girls. But back then I was quite shy and socially awkward, as I said.

  8. Sorry to hear you were sick. I hope you'll be feeling better and that we can read your great posts soon!


  9. Huh. I musta missed the laser. (Because I'm sure I'd remember it.)